Saturday, April 16, 2011

Capitalism Distorts the Value of Life

How does one define capitalism? To me, capitalism is the unbridled pursuit of more and more money at any cost. It is greed. However, greed is a human emotion, a human desire. Capitalism is greed on the level of an entire society. It is an entire civilization saying it is okay to desire more money and power without considering the consequences.

Under capitalism, anything rare has a price. "How is this of value to me?" becomes the modus operandi for living and for life. Cash nexus, or trying to put a price on everything, is a process that distorts the true value of commodities, relationships, and ultimately of life.

Capitalism is being able to make and sell widgets for more money than it costs you. It does not take into consideration the sustainability of resources. It is only concerned with making more money. Capitalism is shortsighted, only able to see short-term financial gains and nothing more.

Such a simple concept is illustrated by Dr. Seuss's "The Lorax." Only when unsustainability threatens profits does it become a consideration.