Thursday, March 24, 2011

End Central Banking Now

We are anonymous.

The leeches (central bankers) have taken over the host (society). we must fight this infection.

The banks get the big spenders elected who get the US in more debt and more at the mercy and control of the bankers who make the money out of thin air and loan it at interest to the United States.

I am tired of paying 45% tax (35% Federal + 10% State) just to service old debt. Where are the old UNITED STATES NOTES that were declared the only legitimate currency by the Founding Fathers?

The old "United States Notes" were issued debt-free by the treasury.

Our new "Federal Reserve Notes" come with interest and are obligations of the U.S. government. Therefore, under the current regime of money creation, without the national debt there would be no money.

The Fed buys bonds to fund government spending with money it makes out of thin air. Instantly, the U.S. government's money has interest attached to it- interest that has to be paid by future generations through taxation.

The government is a slave to the banksters. We are slaves to the government. Ergo, we are the bankers' slaves.

Toil away, minions. Keep on running on the rat wheel without seeing who put you on there.

Central Banks and the income tax need to be abolished. The power to issue currency needs to go back to the treasury.

We are anonymous.

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